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teen suggestion box 1.7.09

two brilliant ones when i checked today:

“porn please.”

“edward cullens is HOT.”

i am actually considering discontinuing the teen anonymous suggestion box.  i never get any good suggestions. but it does crack me up.


teen suggestion box

when i was hired for this job, i was assigned to collect graphic novels (teen & adult), video games, and anime. i recently took over teen fiction and teen non-fiction. (yay!)

in the teen fiction section, there is a suggestion box. today i went to empty it out for the first time.

my favorite suggestion:


my other favorite:

“you should get some jonas brothers book marks!”

reference rollcall: weirdo week edition

for some reason last week was weirdo week at the library. the most exciting moment was when i got into a heated discussion with a patron about whether or not it’s okay to call teenagers racial slurs and tell them that their parents are failures for letting them run wild in the library. (um…it’s not okay.) but aside from that–

-“how do i get out of here?!” this from a haried looking man who had come downstairs to the children’s room looking to exit the library.

-someone called looking for the cell phone number of a woman she thinks might live in new york city. sorry, even i am not that good.

-“which harry potter comes first?” i told her. “but how do you KNOW that’s the first one?”

-“i’m looking for this alphabet book that i checked out for my kids a few years ago. i don’t remember the name or author, but i know that V was for violet.” we have a list of alphabet books, actually, so we looked through all the ones that were checked in to see if V was for violet. we did not find it.

-“I need eat pray love for my book club tomorrow. what, there’s 56 holds? Seriously? but i need it for BOOK CLUB. gee, I didn’t know it was that popular.” (short rant: what IS it with women in book clubs waiting until the day before to request a copy of a NYT bestseller and then getting pissed at me because we don’t have a special secret cupboard full of their book club selections that we were saving for just as long as they needed to remember that they are, in fact, in a book club, and it is, in fact, meeting tomorrow, and that they can’t skip because otherwise tammy will get to pick the book again even though it is NOT HER TURN? lady, if you do this to me again i will find tammy and tell her that you asked me to print out an internet synopsis of eat pray love because you are too cheap to buy the book.)

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best program ever.

my esteemed mentor is out for a month, and on friday i did my first animanga program. i’d noticed thursday that there were still no sign ups, which is really bizarre because usually we get a handful and they wouldn’t have known that i didn’t know what i was doing. but sign-ups rarely indicate any real numbers about attendance, so i set out the pocky and fudgy koalas and popcorn and orange soda, and got the dvd projected on the wall. no one came. so i waited, outside the door of the meeting room, to entice teenagers. kind of like a hooker.

3 fourteen year olds came by, 2 girls and a dude. “hello!” i said. “are you here for the anime?”
“what?” said the dude.
clearly not.
“wanna watch a movie?” i asked.

but it turns out they did. they came in and eyed the snacks hopefully. i told them to eat.

“you can eat in the library?” the dude said.
“what are we watching?” one girl, we’ll call her n, said.
“anime! the prince of tennis.”
“…what’s that?”

they were all best friends. they hadn’t heard of anime. or manga. but they wanted to watch anyway.

“so, why’d you come to the library today?” i asked.
“MYSP@CE!!” they chorused.

“you work here?” said the other girl. we’ll call her s. “yep.”
“you look like sixteen.”
“that’s why they let me watch movies with you guys.”

then they all pulled chairs up, made me sit in the middle, and we watched 3 episodes of the prince of tennis. it turned out they were 3 of the most hilarious youth in all the land. it was like mystery science theater with anime.
“what are these?”
“they look like chocolate covered sticks!”
“well, they kind of are…”

“man, look at their shorts.” (pointing at the tennis players on the screen).
“yeah, you wear shorts like that at our school, you gettin jumped.”
then the girls came on in their school uniforms.
“n, i think you should wear a big bow like that.”

“do you have a boyfriend?”
“i have a husband.”
“YOU? who let you get married. you’re 16!”
“what’s it like to be in love?”
“it’s fun. i have a great husband.”
“did you move in with him yet?”
“um…yeah, we’re married.”
“oh. oh yeah. i didn’t believe you when you said you’re married.”

and the librarian dream come true part:
“i didn’t know you could do stuff like this in the library.”
“what days do you work? we’ll come back.”

after we finished the movie, they took turns standing up in front of the room telling jokes. then the dude sang us a song and we pretended to be simon, paula, and randy. (they made me be paula.)

it was the most under-attended program i’ve done, and also the most fun i have ever had at work. explain that one.

a reference rollcall from last week

we started the day off with a humdinger:

-study books for the civil service exam…on mechanical maintenance. we had no such book. a book does exist (found it on the amaz0n) but no libraries nearby owned it. a library in the state did own it, but the test was in two days. so instead we found some books on basic electronics & spatial relations.

-book called ‘cat and the golden egg.’ was actually a short story in a book called ‘newbery zoo’ which we located at the next library over.

-chocolate man came in and said his wife wanted ‘shadow music’ by j. garwood. it has many requests on it but i found him a holds-exempt copy and he was even more cheerful than usual. (chocolate man is a sweet elderly gent who chucks dove pr0mises onto the reference desk every time he comes in. needless to say, i love him.)

-books on amenhotep

-little girl wanted cat stories

-1,000 splendid suns? oh, they’re all checked out? i need it for book club tomorrow. gosh, i didn’t realize it was so popular. Continue reading


at work we are attempting to index all of the old microfiches of the local newspaper to make them easier to find things in. we are only on 1909, which is ever so slightly discouraging, but i love reading through the news items. often they are things like:

“Miss Millie Titsbury entertained twenty ladies in her home on Thursday. A fine time was had by all.”


“Mrs. John Brigham of North Court has a fine recipe for Chicken Jelly that she is willing to share.”

or one time:

“Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weatherby traveled to the city in order to purchase a piano, but were obliged to return home without one due to indecision.”

But yesterday— this!

“As Mrs. George Payson was ascending the steps of a neighbor’s house on Tuesday evening, a big icicle fell from the roof of the porch, striking her on the head. She was knocked senseless and died from the effects of the injury at about midnight. It was a peculiar accident. Mrs. Payson was 60 years old and the wife of a prominent citizen.”  2.26.1909.

so be careful out there.

k’s big day

it’s 9:40 pm and i am reporting from bed, wearing flannel jammies and yawning so hard my face feels like it’s going to crack in half. today was my first day at my future full-time job. i was up early, to perfect the outfit and do my sun salutes and so on, but it had begun sleeting by the time i left, and snowing rather heavily 10 minutes down the highway. called sister #1 in a panic after seeing several cars in ditches. she gave me a cheering pep talk and i was only a little late.

the morning was all paperwork etc, then setting up the videogames. we walked a few blocks downtown for lunch, (triple decker grilled cheese & tomato! that’s three pieces of bread AND three different kinds of cheese. i am in love.) and then it was time for playing videogames. this library has a core group of about 8 high school students who attend stuff regularly and are enthusiastic about the library in a way i have never before witnessed. they are amazing and already we are so excited about all the fabulous things we can do when i am there full time.

i have heard that there are teens like this but i never met any before. where i currently work, the teen programming that i help with is almost exclusively attended by middle schoolers. this is fine: i have grown fond of them, but when i began focusing on the teen services, i was expecting an older demographic. i feel like i can do a lot more with older teens– less gluing beads to stuff, and they’re not running around blowing frappuccino through their straws at each other.

oh, and i’ll be in an office with big windows. i am sharing it, but it has big windows!


ok. got to rest up for big used bookstore adventure with ms. s tomorrow morning.