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teen suggestion box

when i was hired for this job, i was assigned to collect graphic novels (teen & adult), video games, and anime. i recently took over teen fiction and teen non-fiction. (yay!)

in the teen fiction section, there is a suggestion box. today i went to empty it out for the first time.

my favorite suggestion:


my other favorite:

“you should get some jonas brothers book marks!”


and in the morning, there were post-its on the wall

my beloved has gone to the big city for the weekend, to participate in some sort of conference at which he expects to have a horrible time. i am home, therefore, all alone with an escaped murderer running around and around the neighborhood, no doubt planning to seek refuge in this very apartment, instead of wisely leaving town as there are posters of his sulky face plastered all over campus.

so last night ms. s came over to keep me company. i had procured a copy of HB0’s miniseries Elizabeth I, as i am currently very into stories of the british monarchy which have been sexified and scandled up for my entertainment– thank you, philippa greg0ry! so we went to visit the lovely mediterranean family effort down the road to see about refreshments. came home with a bottle of pink boone’s farm (for nostalgia!), a bottle of dreadful cheap aussie chardonnay (had a koala bear on the lable!) (not a bear! a marsupial!) and some lovely squashy oatmeal cookies. only spent 10 dollars! hmmm.

on the wall this morning:

“i just don’t like assholes.” — ms. s

“isn’t it funny that they lived back then and put mercury on their faces and we live now and have robot vacuums?” –me

“the dutch have no religion, they have cheese!” –helen mirren as elizabeth I. how true, how very true.