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o hai…again…

i don’t really make new years’ resolutions, but it’s kind of hard to ignore that fresh-starty feeling of january. as my friends join weight watchers and clean out their file cabinets, i’m inspired to do a few things differently myself.

namely, floss my teeth (i have a dentist appointment at the end of the month) and resurrect the blog. maybe?

it helps that we changed internet service providers. now our internet service provider actually provides internet service. also, i’ve had time to adjust to my new post-grad busy life: working full time and raising an extremely moody kitty cat. things don’t seem quite as hectic.

SO: shall we begin again? hi! i’m kricket. i am a happy teen services librarian living with a cute architect and an extremely moody kitty cat. i read lots of books and sometimes make borderline wearable crafty things. i am looking forward to the printz award announcements and i have frequent nostalgia attacks.

stay tuned.


yo yo yiggity yo

yes, i bought myself juno as a graduation gift, and yes, i have been watching it just so goshdarn much.

so. hi! i am officially a master of library science now, and beloved and i are officially moved into below house, and we have both officially started working full-time, which means we might officially be adults.

unfortunately we are also officially comcast customers, which is terrible. the university internet hookup spoiled us rotten, and now it takes about three hours to download a PDF, youtube is a forgotten dream, and last week i broke personal records by going a whopping 5 daytime hours without checking my email. because i couldn’t.

so i would post pictures of the new pad but y’all wouldn’t see them until next wednesday anyway.

I’M KITTY SHOPPING! my grad gift from beloved is a kitty cat. we always considered ourselves dog people, but i have been meeting so many lovely kitties lately. i think because i hang out with so many librarians. we don’t even necessarily want a kitten, which seemed like it shouldn’t be too hard, but i’ve had a disappointing experience with craig’s list—probably shouldn’t have contacted someone called “princess_troy69” in the first place.  in the meantime, a neighborhood cat has adopted us, mewing on our porch in the evenings and sitting on my lap and purring while i read. i called the number on the collar to see if he was lost. later his owner left a message saying he wasn’t lost but he’s been staying outside lately and they were looking for a new owner for him because of allergies. i called back and left a message saying PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR KITTY, I LOVE HIM.

i’ll let you know what happens.

and as soon as things get calmer i’ll put more reviews up…

our fine new home

yes friends, the lower half of this fine structure is where beloved and i will be housing our books. i am very half-assedly packing them tonight. we still have a good week until The Big Move and i just can’t be certain what i’ll want to read until then.

pictures of interior later.


at work we are attempting to index all of the old microfiches of the local newspaper to make them easier to find things in. we are only on 1909, which is ever so slightly discouraging, but i love reading through the news items. often they are things like:

“Miss Millie Titsbury entertained twenty ladies in her home on Thursday. A fine time was had by all.”


“Mrs. John Brigham of North Court has a fine recipe for Chicken Jelly that she is willing to share.”

or one time:

“Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weatherby traveled to the city in order to purchase a piano, but were obliged to return home without one due to indecision.”

But yesterday— this!

“As Mrs. George Payson was ascending the steps of a neighbor’s house on Tuesday evening, a big icicle fell from the roof of the porch, striking her on the head. She was knocked senseless and died from the effects of the injury at about midnight. It was a peculiar accident. Mrs. Payson was 60 years old and the wife of a prominent citizen.”  2.26.1909.

so be careful out there.