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o hai…again…

i don’t really make new years’ resolutions, but it’s kind of hard to ignore that fresh-starty feeling of january. as my friends join weight watchers and clean out their file cabinets, i’m inspired to do a few things differently myself.

namely, floss my teeth (i have a dentist appointment at the end of the month) and resurrect the blog. maybe?

it helps that we changed internet service providers. now our internet service provider actually provides internet service. also, i’ve had time to adjust to my new post-grad busy life: working full time and raising an extremely moody kitty cat. things don’t seem quite as hectic.

SO: shall we begin again? hi! i’m kricket. i am a happy teen services librarian living with a cute architect and an extremely moody kitty cat. i read lots of books and sometimes make borderline wearable crafty things. i am looking forward to the printz award announcements and i have frequent nostalgia attacks.

stay tuned.


yo yo yiggity yo

yes, i bought myself juno as a graduation gift, and yes, i have been watching it just so goshdarn much.

so. hi! i am officially a master of library science now, and beloved and i are officially moved into below house, and we have both officially started working full-time, which means we might officially be adults.

unfortunately we are also officially comcast customers, which is terrible. the university internet hookup spoiled us rotten, and now it takes about three hours to download a PDF, youtube is a forgotten dream, and last week i broke personal records by going a whopping 5 daytime hours without checking my email. because i couldn’t.

so i would post pictures of the new pad but y’all wouldn’t see them until next wednesday anyway.

I’M KITTY SHOPPING! my grad gift from beloved is a kitty cat. we always considered ourselves dog people, but i have been meeting so many lovely kitties lately. i think because i hang out with so many librarians. we don’t even necessarily want a kitten, which seemed like it shouldn’t be too hard, but i’ve had a disappointing experience with craig’s list—probably shouldn’t have contacted someone called “princess_troy69” in the first place.  in the meantime, a neighborhood cat has adopted us, mewing on our porch in the evenings and sitting on my lap and purring while i read. i called the number on the collar to see if he was lost. later his owner left a message saying he wasn’t lost but he’s been staying outside lately and they were looking for a new owner for him because of allergies. i called back and left a message saying PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR KITTY, I LOVE HIM.

i’ll let you know what happens.

and as soon as things get calmer i’ll put more reviews up…

our fine new home

yes friends, the lower half of this fine structure is where beloved and i will be housing our books. i am very half-assedly packing them tonight. we still have a good week until The Big Move and i just can’t be certain what i’ll want to read until then.

pictures of interior later.

inner teen.

when i was 13, i got a terrible haircut. i then spent the next 11 years with an easy and safe shoulder-length do in order to prevent it from ever happening again.

today, for research purposes, i got 5 inches cut off from someone who was not my regular hair dude. it did not come out the way i expected it to. all afternoon at work, i felt hypersensitive, like people were laughing at my hair.  even the bearded investor who almost ALWAYS comments on my appearance said nothing, probably because he was shocked by the awkwardness of my new coif.

so, my inner teen is alive and well.

on a more cheerful note, here is a tea towel i made for my mum a couple of christmases ago. design my own.


k’s big day

it’s 9:40 pm and i am reporting from bed, wearing flannel jammies and yawning so hard my face feels like it’s going to crack in half. today was my first day at my future full-time job. i was up early, to perfect the outfit and do my sun salutes and so on, but it had begun sleeting by the time i left, and snowing rather heavily 10 minutes down the highway. called sister #1 in a panic after seeing several cars in ditches. she gave me a cheering pep talk and i was only a little late.

the morning was all paperwork etc, then setting up the videogames. we walked a few blocks downtown for lunch, (triple decker grilled cheese & tomato! that’s three pieces of bread AND three different kinds of cheese. i am in love.) and then it was time for playing videogames. this library has a core group of about 8 high school students who attend stuff regularly and are enthusiastic about the library in a way i have never before witnessed. they are amazing and already we are so excited about all the fabulous things we can do when i am there full time.

i have heard that there are teens like this but i never met any before. where i currently work, the teen programming that i help with is almost exclusively attended by middle schoolers. this is fine: i have grown fond of them, but when i began focusing on the teen services, i was expecting an older demographic. i feel like i can do a lot more with older teens– less gluing beads to stuff, and they’re not running around blowing frappuccino through their straws at each other.

oh, and i’ll be in an office with big windows. i am sharing it, but it has big windows!


ok. got to rest up for big used bookstore adventure with ms. s tomorrow morning.

you + me = us.

tonight i hunkered down on the couch, feeling noble and put upon, and set out to do our taxes. this is the EZ form, mind you.

an hour later, we owed the government approximately 3.5 of my paychecks in taxes. there was much gnashing of teeth and a phone call to my beloved’s father.  woe was us.

then my beloved noticed that i had subtracted line 4 from line 5 rather than the other way around. now the government owes us money! hurrah, hurrah.

honestly i am not sure why he even let me TRY to do them.

the big two four

yesterday was ms. s’ birthday. we had a little party in our little apartment.

i made this cake:

cat cake

and no, i have never even taken a cake decorating class.