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one of my favorite time-wasters…

is this website, which my friend anna told me about.

of special interest is this post, from a library in michigan–


it’s probably not our library, but exchanges like this are common in this wonderful line of work. and frankly, i love it.


on thursday

we had videogame freeplay at work. i was supposed to help my esteemed mentor with the program, but she was scheduled to do something else, so i got to take over. i decided to go really crazy and set up the snack table against a different wall. we had a good handful of dudes (only one girl!?), but that was still pretty amazing considering that the date had been changed twice and hadn’t been announced in the newsletter. (newsletter announcements for programs are surprisingly effective, because parents are constantly scanning them for something- anything- to justify scraping their teenage offspring off the mysp@ce and into a library.)

i recruited mr. e to help supervise, which sure came in handy when two dudes tried to start a rumble. “hey…” mr. e cautioned them gently. “don’t do that…” dude #1 still got a wimpy looking punch to dude #2’s arm. we had to separate them: one to super smash melee and the other to guit@r hero.

one of the other dudes, a tiny sixth-grade, offered to teach me to play melee. he was a shockingly good teacher: kept freezing frames to show me the different weapons. later he helped us clean up and told me all about his fears that the world would end as well as his theories about global warming. also his opinion that we would not be getting any snow the next day, even though half the staff was already quaking with fear and discussing possible early closure for friday.

boy was he wrong. there was snow, and lots of it. but we stayed open, drinking hot chocolate at the youth desk and over-helping the two patrons that came in all afternoon.

1-18-08 rollcall

worked 8 hours yesterday, nearly all of which were on the desk. did i mind? no i did not. i love the desk. the desk is my oyster.

reference question rollcall!

-biography of hearst

-“The Infidel”

-The Closer Season 3? (not out yet, actually)

-Lori Wick series: what is the difference? do we have them all? can i put holds on them all? (yes you can.)

-lost 2 year old wearing red jacket. enjoys hiding to scare his mother. this one took 20 minutes, by the end of which there was a frantic mother near tears. several phone calls were made to all floors. 2 year old located by mr. e. upstairs hiding in computer lab.

-mr. elderly frenchman came in; i am very fond of him. he’d been to the basic email class last week and had been helped to sign up for email, however, now he could not remember his username or password. sadly i could not help very much.

-video game thieves struck again

-books about rats, raccoons, and owls.

-where are the tintin books?

-where is the jungle book?

-architect came in wanting to take photos of the library because he is designing one.

-books about the 1918 flu pandemic and its effect on people’s lives. this was fun and spurred the conversation topic “what is your favorite plague?” with my coworker. his: bubonic. mine: red death, as in “masque of the” until we discovered that edgar allen poe actually made it up, at which point i changed my answer to yellow fever.

-phone number for B. F. chen’s. did not take long to figure out which chain restaurant she really meant.

-karen kingsbury books.

-do you have the textbook for my college physiology class? i need it, um, now. (sorry, no).

-books about computers

-books about modern architecture

-oh, i didn’t mean modern architecture, i meant fireplace design

-my computer won’t scroll

-how late are you open?

-is the new pirates of the carribean movie in? (no.)

-i need to call my mom

-i need to call my mom too

-i need to call my mom again

and a few more that i forgot to write down. how could you not love this job?