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one of my favorite time-wasters…

is this website, which my friend anna told me about.

of special interest is this post, from a library in michigan–

it’s probably not our library, but exchanges like this are common in this wonderful line of work. and frankly, i love it.


conversation with mr. elderly frenchman #1

I had been helping him interloan books written in French, a rather complicated process involving lots of typing and head-scratching, since the interloan catalog stubbornly refuses to understand French.

Mr. E.F.: merci beaucoup!

me: (trying to be impressive but drawing giant blank)… OUI!

Mr. E.F.: (chuckles and walks away)

me: wait…au revoir!!

Mr. E.F.: Au revoir!

I wish I knew how to say ‘you’re welcome’ in French.

(retro) conversation with todd #1

my beloved and i are sitting at his desk in the studio, waiting for the weekend field trip to leave.

todd: (meanders up) do either of you happen to have a packet of mayonnaise?

us: ….no

todd: (wandering sadly away) i just hate a dry sandwich.

conversation with todd* #2

*not his real name

me: (sits innocently at architecture convention, waiting for beloved to finish something or other)

todd: (walks up to me and lurks in my line of vision)

me: hi

todd: hi

me: how’s it going

him: (reverent silence) …I met someone

me: oh?

him: yeah. we’re going to hang out. i really like her.

me: well, that’s great.

him: yeah, she says she’s seeing someone…but she didn’t use the word ‘boyfriend’ so i think this could be good. i really like her. she’s young too.

me: (speechless)