teen suggestion box 1.7.09

two brilliant ones when i checked today:

“porn please.”

“edward cullens is HOT.”

i am actually considering discontinuing the teen anonymous suggestion box.  i never get any good suggestions. but it does crack me up.


2 responses to “teen suggestion box 1.7.09

  1. WHY I DON’T HAVE YOUR JOB (these would be my responses):
    puh-lease teenyboppers, anyone that’s ventured within 10ft of the Twilight series knows that EC is SO BEAUTIFUL, and his EYES ARE SO MAGICAL AND DEEP. Rather than repeating these descriptions umpteen times and winding up with a book attesting to that fact let’s come up with some unique observations, shall we? Use your words like yo’mama taught you.

    As for the earlier request, just tell them “Sure. When you’re 18.”

  2. you’re back! you’re baack! happy day.

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