Monthly Archives: January 2009

one of my favorite time-wasters…

is this website, which my friend anna told me about.

of special interest is this post, from a library in michigan–

it’s probably not our library, but exchanges like this are common in this wonderful line of work. and frankly, i love it.


teen suggestion box 1.7.09

two brilliant ones when i checked today:

“porn please.”

“edward cullens is HOT.”

i am actually considering discontinuing the teen anonymous suggestion box.  i never get any good suggestions. but it does crack me up.

o hai…again…

i don’t really make new years’ resolutions, but it’s kind of hard to ignore that fresh-starty feeling of january. as my friends join weight watchers and clean out their file cabinets, i’m inspired to do a few things differently myself.

namely, floss my teeth (i have a dentist appointment at the end of the month) and resurrect the blog. maybe?

it helps that we changed internet service providers. now our internet service provider actually provides internet service. also, i’ve had time to adjust to my new post-grad busy life: working full time and raising an extremely moody kitty cat. things don’t seem quite as hectic.

SO: shall we begin again? hi! i’m kricket. i am a happy teen services librarian living with a cute architect and an extremely moody kitty cat. i read lots of books and sometimes make borderline wearable crafty things. i am looking forward to the printz award announcements and i have frequent nostalgia attacks.

stay tuned.