our fine new home

yes friends, the lower half of this fine structure is where beloved and i will be housing our books. i am very half-assedly packing them tonight. we still have a good week until The Big Move and i just can’t be certain what i’ll want to read until then.

pictures of interior later.


4 responses to “our fine new home

  1. A HOUSE! It looks lovely.


    I love you. Today I had a customer in my office and he picked up a postcard you sent me (the one with the indigo bunting on it) and flipped it over and then looked really freaked out when he saw that it had writing on the back side. Had he actually read it, he would have been treated to your delightful account of urinal-cleaning with pixie. To bad he put it down so quickly.

    Are you and Fabes coming to visit? Hmmmm?


  3. It says:

    “Dear Elli & Joef, Here my devoted siblings, is a postcard with a bird on it!!!! I don’t have much to say. I just cleaned urinals w/Pixi and boy was it fun. We sang “Happy Together” by the Turtles real loud. Then we walked out of the men’s room and there was a man lurking about in the office! We both screamed & scared him badly, but I guess he was supposed to be there, and we made him feel terrible. Teeheehee. That’s all. I love you. I’ll talk to you soon. Love from Krick

  4. Lovely house, Kricket. Looks like there will just be enough room for your books. Do they let you have a dog?
    Send pictures of cleaned interior!

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