o hai again…

since we last spoke i:

-finished grad school. the work, anyway. gradumacation is next week. i am a master! hohah!

-finished my beloved internship, which was sad, because i got really attached to it, and my coworkers, and my teens, and the other patrons (even the wackadoos) and the building and everything.

-rented a lovely lower flat closer to my new job which we are now in the process of moving into. it is so lovely and a bit roomier and the location is perfect. our landlord is a family man down the block, let’s call him “leon”, and he’s also a magician. as in, if you call and get voicemail the message says “hello! this is leon jones…THE MAGICIAN!!” which obviously never fails to make my day.

we were lucky enough to get 2 weeks of overlap but not lucky enough to get a pristine flat. so today i drove out with my buckets and swiffer and 6 crates of books to scrub the last tenant’s gunge out of the kitchen. midway i went out to sun myself on the lovely front porch and locked myself out, and the blinds fall off the windows every time we pull them up, (happiness hotel style) but other than that i think it’s going to work very well.


2 responses to “o hai again…

  1. Pictures of new lodgings, please!

    Today we bought Thunky a tweed sport coat.

    I looooooooooooooooooove you!

  2. Congratulations on finishing!
    Second on the flat pictures.
    I miss you here already!

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