slam- nick hornby

sam is a fairly nondescript fifteen year old boy- he skates and hangs out with his stupid friend rabbit, and tells all his woes to his faithful tony hawk poster. (apparently talking to posters of celebs is all the rage now, but somehow it never occurred to me to have a conversation with the giant john lennon hanging on my door) things are not so bad for sam- he gets along with his mum, who had him at sixteen, and is looking into college.

then his mum introduces him to her boss’ daughter, alicia and they fall madly in lust. and it’s fabulous, until he starts to lose interest in her. and then she tells him that he’s pregnant.

this is the story, according to sam’s slightly daft inner voice, of how they cope. i laughed and laughed listening to this in the car. it’s funny and awkwardly sweet and, at times, a little outlandish. will the dudes in my library read this? i haven’t figured that out yet…but i wish they would. because they would love it.


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