lock & key- sarah dessen

lockkey.jpgone of my school chums mysteriously got her hands on the ARC and kindly lent it to me. i have loved sarah dessen since i was a young teen myself, the happiness i felt reading the ARC was akin to how i would feel if my beloved installed a soda fountain in our living room. we were just talking about that this morning. wouldn’t it be fabulous? no more flat soda at the bottom of the 2 liter. fresh cold fizz in all your favorite flavors, and chocolate soymilk from one nozzle. my beloved actually went to far as to check prices on the internets, at which point our dream fell flat.

but i am handling it okay BECAUSE i have the ARC of lock & key to review. ruby is an independant lass who has had to look our for herself since her older sister, cora, left for college. ruby’s mom is an alkie deadbeat, and they live from paycheck to paycheck, moving periodically until ruby’s mom abandons her. cora is contacted, and ruby reluctantly moves in with her and her geekchic husband, jamie. but it’s hard for ruby to accept all the things people want to give her: tuition, a clothes allowance, friendship, encouragement, a family. and it’s hard for her to give back what she assumes will be expected if she does accept these offerings. bildungsroman in the unsurprising but satisfying dessen style, all wrapped up in a pretty pink striped cover. yumm. 4 stars.


2 responses to “lock & key- sarah dessen

  1. I really liked Lock & Key too! One of these days I’ll get my review posted. 🙂

  2. Jealous, jealous of your ARC! I need the hook up.

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