jangle, jangle

what up homeslices. i am graduating in less than a month, which means things are getting pretty strange around here and i haven’t read much of anything lately except for collection development policies. which i am not going to review here.

so, a while back when i did that felt ipod case program i was helping one girl do a skull & crossbones. skulls are all the rage these days, and i still have enough of that teenage mentality that when i see high school girls wearing them i think, omg, that is so cool. so i whipped up this little heart/skull patch at the program. and then didn’t really know what to do with it, because let’s be honest: i am just too old to pull off florescent skulls.

so i put it on jammies. i sometimes sleep in my beloved’s undershirts, because on me they fit like comfy, stretchy dresses.


when i wear it, i dream about being hip and youthful.


2 responses to “jangle, jangle

  1. Don’t worry honey, I think you’re hip and youthful.

  2. How did I miss this post? OMG that is so cute. (Sorry I just couldn’t resist)

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