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our fine new home

yes friends, the lower half of this fine structure is where beloved and i will be housing our books. i am very half-assedly packing them tonight. we still have a good week until The Big Move and i just can’t be certain what i’ll want to read until then.

pictures of interior later.


o hai again…

since we last spoke i:

-finished grad school. the work, anyway. gradumacation is next week. i am a master! hohah!

-finished my beloved internship, which was sad, because i got really attached to it, and my coworkers, and my teens, and the other patrons (even the wackadoos) and the building and everything.

-rented a lovely lower flat closer to my new job which we are now in the process of moving into. it is so lovely and a bit roomier and the location is perfect. our landlord is a family man down the block, let’s call him “leon”, and he’s also a magician. as in, if you call and get voicemail the message says “hello! this is leon jones…THE MAGICIAN!!” which obviously never fails to make my day.

we were lucky enough to get 2 weeks of overlap but not lucky enough to get a pristine flat. so today i drove out with my buckets and swiffer and 6 crates of books to scrub the last tenant’s gunge out of the kitchen. midway i went out to sun myself on the lovely front porch and locked myself out, and the blinds fall off the windows every time we pull them up, (happiness hotel style) but other than that i think it’s going to work very well.

slam- nick hornby

sam is a fairly nondescript fifteen year old boy- he skates and hangs out with his stupid friend rabbit, and tells all his woes to his faithful tony hawk poster. (apparently talking to posters of celebs is all the rage now, but somehow it never occurred to me to have a conversation with the giant john lennon hanging on my door) things are not so bad for sam- he gets along with his mum, who had him at sixteen, and is looking into college.

then his mum introduces him to her boss’ daughter, alicia and they fall madly in lust. and it’s fabulous, until he starts to lose interest in her. and then she tells him that he’s pregnant.

this is the story, according to sam’s slightly daft inner voice, of how they cope. i laughed and laughed listening to this in the car. it’s funny and awkwardly sweet and, at times, a little outlandish. will the dudes in my library read this? i haven’t figured that out yet…but i wish they would. because they would love it.

lock & key- sarah dessen

lockkey.jpgone of my school chums mysteriously got her hands on the ARC and kindly lent it to me. i have loved sarah dessen since i was a young teen myself, the happiness i felt reading the ARC was akin to how i would feel if my beloved installed a soda fountain in our living room. we were just talking about that this morning. wouldn’t it be fabulous? no more flat soda at the bottom of the 2 liter. fresh cold fizz in all your favorite flavors, and chocolate soymilk from one nozzle. my beloved actually went to far as to check prices on the internets, at which point our dream fell flat.

but i am handling it okay BECAUSE i have the ARC of lock & key to review. ruby is an independant lass who has had to look our for herself since her older sister, cora, left for college. ruby’s mom is an alkie deadbeat, and they live from paycheck to paycheck, moving periodically until ruby’s mom abandons her. cora is contacted, and ruby reluctantly moves in with her and her geekchic husband, jamie. but it’s hard for ruby to accept all the things people want to give her: tuition, a clothes allowance, friendship, encouragement, a family. and it’s hard for her to give back what she assumes will be expected if she does accept these offerings. bildungsroman in the unsurprising but satisfying dessen style, all wrapped up in a pretty pink striped cover. yumm. 4 stars.


caught the spring ick. went to work yesterday anyway, because i’d been to class alright and thought that meant i had the energy to run the videogame freeplay since mr. e was helping. as soon as i got there the meds i had taken right before leaving the house wore off and i began sneezing and coughing phlegm in all directions. i carried kleenex and hand sanitizer with me all afternoon but it was absolutely disgusting. lesson: going to work sick is not brave and sacrificial, but unattractive and embarrassing. and phlegmy.

which is why i am now in bed with my laptop and a pile of manga and an empty carton of chocolate soy milk.

still, the videogame freeplay went well, we had a larger crowd than last time and at least 6 girls to balance out all the dudes. they taught me how to play naruto on gamecube, which i thought would be stupid…but…now i think i have to buy it.

also out of the ordinary– we had coke with caffeine and m&ms along with all the pretzels and juice and several of the attendees got outrageously hyper which was a problem when the program was over and they were set free in the library.  they were shrieking in the teen room and i went in to ask them to lower the volume. as soon as i walked in they threw all the non-fiction books about sex under the table and started giggling.

i couldn’t resist. i said, “it’s okay guys. the books are there for you to look at. and- if you have any questions- you know you can always ask a librarian.” this nearly killed them.

no more caffeine. keeping the m&ms though. those are for me.

jangle, jangle

what up homeslices. i am graduating in less than a month, which means things are getting pretty strange around here and i haven’t read much of anything lately except for collection development policies. which i am not going to review here.

so, a while back when i did that felt ipod case program i was helping one girl do a skull & crossbones. skulls are all the rage these days, and i still have enough of that teenage mentality that when i see high school girls wearing them i think, omg, that is so cool. so i whipped up this little heart/skull patch at the program. and then didn’t really know what to do with it, because let’s be honest: i am just too old to pull off florescent skulls.

so i put it on jammies. i sometimes sleep in my beloved’s undershirts, because on me they fit like comfy, stretchy dresses.


when i wear it, i dream about being hip and youthful.