best thing ever: amelia bloomer project

i can’t believe i didn’t know about this before– i love it!

The Amelia Bloomer list “includes books challenging the young women of today to take a new look at what it means to be feminist, showcasing who fought for our rights. These books bring to light the stories of women who break boundaries, from civil war doctors and journalists covering WWII to graffiti artists and girls demanding to be accepted for who they are. The 32 books on the 2008 Amelia Bloomer Project list encourage and inspire girls to be smart, brave, and proud.”

“evolution, me & other freaks of nature” (see last post) is on this year’s list for young adult fiction. hooray!

i’d love to see more graphic novels/manga/comics included. the more i read, the more titles i discover that really need to overhaul their concept of gender. this scintillating blog thinks so too:

Girls read comic and they’re pissed


One response to “best thing ever: amelia bloomer project

  1. Ummm…how did I not know about this before? Reinforcing antiquated gender roles is my biggest pet peeve about children’s lit. Hurrah for the Amelia Bloomer list! And hurrah to you for giving me something else to add to

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