kara0ke revolution & making felt stuff

i’m a little behind. this blogging business is hard work sometimes.

so, last saturday i headed out to new library job to do some more orientation and also play videogames with the teens. the young adults. the adolescents. lately i have been having issues saying the word “teen.” it just sounds so…blech. pretty bad news considering it’s the first word in my job title. if i think of anything better i’ll let you know.

we had a fabulous time. s taught me how to play karaoke revolution with a rousing duet of ‘pianoman’ by b. joel. then another kid wanted to sing with me, and i let him pick the song and he picked some weird r&b love song that i didn’t know and it turned out he didn’t either.  then it turned out we had our microphones mixed up and were singing the wrong parts. so, i mean, it’s actually not as easy as it looks.

but i cannot believe it took me so long to discover this game! my seesters and i love to sing, and not in a nice choral melodious way, more of a belting out 80s rock ballads in the car until one of us wets her pants a little bit way. i have now successfully convinced mr. rae to invest in a few microphones so that we can play this at the next seester gathering.

back to the program- this isn’t a horrible problem, but we had a bunch of 9-11 year olds show up claiming that someone (mr. or ms. “they”) had said they could come to this, and their parents had dropped them off and wouldn’t be back until 6, so could they pleeeeease just play. the program is for 13-18 year olds, none of whom particularly want to be matched against a 9 year old at guit@r her0, especially if said 9 year old is going to beat the crap out of them.

it’s hard to keep track of 50+ adolescents in a dimly lit room, but i weeded out a few of the teeny ones and asked how old they were.

me: “how old are you?”

teeny one: “i’m 10… no, wait, i’m 12, i just had my birthday!”

me: “…that doesn’t even make sense.”

my solution was to tell them they could stay this time but not to even think about coming back until they hit the big 1-3.  they looked at me like i was draco malfoy but every job has its downers. i cheered myself up by going to the lobby and getting a mango smoothie.

the other program i did last week was at old/current library job. we made ipod/cellphone cases out of felt, duct tape, beads, bits of cardboard, etc. had a good handful of middle school girls who did amazing things with felt, and then, you know how in a christmas story they go see santa and they get in line next to that creepy kid who’s wearing a cape and goggles and says “i like santa” and then breathes through his mouth? yeah, that kid came too. i couldn’t believe it either, but it’s true.


One response to “kara0ke revolution & making felt stuff

  1. You really need to come back and visit so we can sing “angel eyes” really loud and embarrass Rae. I’ll make you doughnuts! Or on the other hand, I could just come up and visit next weekend for Elliot’s birthday. Oh. Wait. I AM COMING!

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