the luxe- anna godbersen

luxe.jpgso many love triangles in this turn-of-the-century society manhattan drama. godbersen opens with an edith wharton quote which prepared me for some satirical fun, but alas, i did not leak a chortle within all 433 pages. is the opening quote why people are comparing this to wharton? because aside from the setting they have nothing in common. so cut it out. thank you. love, krick.

the writing was spot-on for the story, which is about rich teenagers falling in love and sneaking around and plotting and scheming. that is all i will say plot-wise because i’m guessing that either sounds good, or it doesn’t. i liked it but did not love it. however, the ending, though a little predictable, definitely has me looking forward to the sequel. swoon.


One response to “the luxe- anna godbersen

  1. Speaking of period society pieces, any chance you’ve read “The Other Boleyn Girl”? Curious what you thought if you did… if you didn’t yet, I recommend it. I guess you can deduce what I thought of it from that. 🙂

    The Luxe sounds kinda interesting. I may check it out.

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