inner teen.

when i was 13, i got a terrible haircut. i then spent the next 11 years with an easy and safe shoulder-length do in order to prevent it from ever happening again.

today, for research purposes, i got 5 inches cut off from someone who was not my regular hair dude. it did not come out the way i expected it to. all afternoon at work, i felt hypersensitive, like people were laughing at my hair.  even the bearded investor who almost ALWAYS comments on my appearance said nothing, probably because he was shocked by the awkwardness of my new coif.

so, my inner teen is alive and well.

on a more cheerful note, here is a tea towel i made for my mum a couple of christmases ago. design my own.



4 responses to “inner teen.

  1. YOU got a haircut? Weird, I just scheduled my appt w/ Brenden over at Douglas J this morning…hope it’s not too similar and all that…

  2. like your new header, btw. I’m getting all confuzled though with the stuff at the top of the page: bibliokrick? teen lib amok? OR Juice Hoarder?

  3. pictures please! I would like to assess the new haircut.

  4. Yes, photos! It’s only sporting…

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