“moth burning death tornado!!”

yuge.jpga title i grabbed at work to see what the big deal is. yu-gi-oh! duelist vol. 1.

someone called yugi has a bunch of boring friends, and they play this card game with magical monster cards that fight each other. i guess it really is a game, so if readers actually shell out for the cards, they might have fun with the books. for me, on the other hand, it read something like this:

insector: i will defeat you with this random insect card!
yugi: oh, but i have this random card that will defeat your random card!
insector: but i will randomly set this random trap card!
yugi: i will randomly set a trap on your random trap!
insector: ah, but you didn’t know that i have this random card that can defeat any card at all!
yugi: but i thought of a random way to defeat your random best card ever!

and so on.

i actually gave up 20 pages from the end when i had the abrupt realization that leaf was subsiding to leaf, minutes were passing, my life was waning away and i was reading yu-gi-oh. so this review is probably not entirely fair.

i do have a favorite quote, in spite of everything:

“Next I play Louise, the Beaver Warrior, and end my turn!”



2 responses to ““moth burning death tornado!!”

  1. Sometimes your comments don’t show up because you don’t enter an e-mail address and then MT thinks that you are spam and sends you to the junk bin. So then I find you later when I sift through all the crappus. The moral of the story? DON’T BE A LAZYPANTS!

    In other news, I AM Louise the Beaver Warrior.

  2. I wonder if they were trying to be funny when they made up Louise… or if it was truly an accident, because if it was truly an accident, that is even funnier…

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