best program ever.

my esteemed mentor is out for a month, and on friday i did my first animanga program. i’d noticed thursday that there were still no sign ups, which is really bizarre because usually we get a handful and they wouldn’t have known that i didn’t know what i was doing. but sign-ups rarely indicate any real numbers about attendance, so i set out the pocky and fudgy koalas and popcorn and orange soda, and got the dvd projected on the wall. no one came. so i waited, outside the door of the meeting room, to entice teenagers. kind of like a hooker.

3 fourteen year olds came by, 2 girls and a dude. “hello!” i said. “are you here for the anime?”
“what?” said the dude.
clearly not.
“wanna watch a movie?” i asked.

but it turns out they did. they came in and eyed the snacks hopefully. i told them to eat.

“you can eat in the library?” the dude said.
“what are we watching?” one girl, we’ll call her n, said.
“anime! the prince of tennis.”
“…what’s that?”

they were all best friends. they hadn’t heard of anime. or manga. but they wanted to watch anyway.

“so, why’d you come to the library today?” i asked.
“MYSP@CE!!” they chorused.

“you work here?” said the other girl. we’ll call her s. “yep.”
“you look like sixteen.”
“that’s why they let me watch movies with you guys.”

then they all pulled chairs up, made me sit in the middle, and we watched 3 episodes of the prince of tennis. it turned out they were 3 of the most hilarious youth in all the land. it was like mystery science theater with anime.
“what are these?”
“they look like chocolate covered sticks!”
“well, they kind of are…”

“man, look at their shorts.” (pointing at the tennis players on the screen).
“yeah, you wear shorts like that at our school, you gettin jumped.”
then the girls came on in their school uniforms.
“n, i think you should wear a big bow like that.”

“do you have a boyfriend?”
“i have a husband.”
“YOU? who let you get married. you’re 16!”
“what’s it like to be in love?”
“it’s fun. i have a great husband.”
“did you move in with him yet?”
“um…yeah, we’re married.”
“oh. oh yeah. i didn’t believe you when you said you’re married.”

and the librarian dream come true part:
“i didn’t know you could do stuff like this in the library.”
“what days do you work? we’ll come back.”

after we finished the movie, they took turns standing up in front of the room telling jokes. then the dude sang us a song and we pretended to be simon, paula, and randy. (they made me be paula.)

it was the most under-attended program i’ve done, and also the most fun i have ever had at work. explain that one.


8 responses to “best program ever.

  1. Fabulous!

    p.s. I don’t believe you’re married either.

  2. No explanation — but quantity and quality aren’t the same thing 😉

  3. you the best thing that ever happened to teen fiction. ever.

  4. Clearly, you have chosen the right profession. If only you had been the librarian when I was a teenager. I suspect you may have been in kindergarden then, but still…

  5. That does sound like so much fun, in an odd way! I’m loving living vicariously through your blog… YA fiction is my eternal not-so-guilty pleasure, so I’m so happy for you that you get to work with it and actually get to stimulate kids like this. Amazing.

  6. You will make the best teen librarian in the history of womankind. But try not to act like a hooker.

  7. Oh Pocky how I love you. I had a co-worker turn me on to the delicious treat. I didn’t know they let you guys eat that in the library the sign says no food or drinks at my library. 🙂

  8. I’d never heard of Pocky before. Is it like pretzels dipped in Nutella?

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