a reference rollcall from last week

we started the day off with a humdinger:

-study books for the civil service exam…on mechanical maintenance. we had no such book. a book does exist (found it on the amaz0n) but no libraries nearby owned it. a library in the state did own it, but the test was in two days. so instead we found some books on basic electronics & spatial relations.

-book called ‘cat and the golden egg.’ was actually a short story in a book called ‘newbery zoo’ which we located at the next library over.

-chocolate man came in and said his wife wanted ‘shadow music’ by j. garwood. it has many requests on it but i found him a holds-exempt copy and he was even more cheerful than usual. (chocolate man is a sweet elderly gent who chucks dove pr0mises onto the reference desk every time he comes in. needless to say, i love him.)

-books on amenhotep

-little girl wanted cat stories

-1,000 splendid suns? oh, they’re all checked out? i need it for book club tomorrow. gosh, i didn’t realize it was so popular.

-a book about clementine. (me: the song or a girl named clementine?) (child: there’s a song?) (me: you don’t know the song?) (child: no) (me: seriously?) she let me get to the end of the chorus before telling me that was definitely not what she was looking for.

-phone call to register for program

-phone call to cancel registration for program

-where is the bathroom?

-my little pony movies, but only the ones that feature “minty.”

-biography of j.k.r0wling

-a movie with alan ald@ in it that apparently no one in entire state owns. patron schlumped sadly away.

this week i haven’t been writing them down because i’ve been so frantic trying to keep the teen department going while my esteemed mentor is gone, as well as preparing for my animanga program tomorrow. this involved a trip to the asian grocery for pocky and those little koala cookies with fudge inside. i like to wait in line at the asian grocery and wonder what the heck sheep’s placenta is for.


3 responses to “a reference rollcall from last week

  1. I love reference roll calls. My stuff isn’t nearly as interesting as I work in an institutional archives. Clearly, the report on clementine was the most entertaining.

  2. Barack is a champ like that isn’t he?

  3. me: Krick, how the heck do I allow comments from non-blogger readers?

    you: Seriously?

    me: yeah, I’m sorry…

    you: you’re old.

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