boy are you people in for a treat.

as most of you already know, i am embarking on a great journey in may- being a teen librarian full-time rather than a part-time intern. in preparation, i am trying to get in touch with my teen side as much as possible. tough break for my beloved, who has had to put with way too many eps of the gilmore girls lately, but he is very understanding of the fact that i need to do research.

because my journals from high school are a bit too shocking to start in on just yet, and also are not digital, i am jumping back only a few years, to age 18, when i started my first blog. i have since hidden all of the content on this blog, because most of it is reDONKulous, but there are some posts i just don’t want to forget.

hence, the retroblog. (name shamelessly stolen from megan mccafferty.) every so often i’ll be excavating my teenage internet silliness to keep this blog from being too stuffy and grown up.

(in other words, when i am too lazy to think of new content, i will recycle my old content.)

so without further ado, i give you september 2 2002, the day i returned to campus for my sophomore year:

“ahahahaha! i am all packed. except for some stuff that still isn’t….ummm…i wasn’t supposed to wake up for another half an hour but i’ve been up since 8, all excited and stupid. i feel like it’s christmas. i can’t wait to go. i talked to pix* on the phone a lot last night, since she’s moved all her stuff in, and it’s so weird to still be here.

i also went running** last night, which was a triumph b/c it was the first time running all this month that i didn’t get sexually harassed by boys in cars/neighborhood jr. high aged boys/nasty-constantly-stoned-on-his-porch-man who lives on cleveland. the key seems to be running in the dark (and avoiding cleveland), with the result that my dad makes me wear a whistle round my neck. like, oh, i’m being attacked, better blow my whistle *pfweeeet!* ridiculous. ”

*pix= roomie

**that’s right, i used to run! HAH!


4 responses to “boy are you people in for a treat.

  1. I can’t handle the old journals yet either. They just sit in that box, taunting me.

  2. This is a brave experiment, and I like the idea of it a lot. I’ve reread some of my junior high entries from time to time, and I’m always so embarassed for myself… But I think even back then I knew in the back of my mind that future embarassment was sorta part of the point.

  3. Dad made you run with a whistle? I ran at night all the time and there was nary a conversation about my safety. Feeling a little unloved here…

  4. I found your site via Elli. I’m excited to go back through prior posts for some YA reads. I prefer YA to some adult fiction. There are a lot less sex and gore. I hope to find some gems.

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