at work we are attempting to index all of the old microfiches of the local newspaper to make them easier to find things in. we are only on 1909, which is ever so slightly discouraging, but i love reading through the news items. often they are things like:

“Miss Millie Titsbury entertained twenty ladies in her home on Thursday. A fine time was had by all.”


“Mrs. John Brigham of North Court has a fine recipe for Chicken Jelly that she is willing to share.”

or one time:

“Mr. and Mrs. Frank Weatherby traveled to the city in order to purchase a piano, but were obliged to return home without one due to indecision.”

But yesterday— this!

“As Mrs. George Payson was ascending the steps of a neighbor’s house on Tuesday evening, a big icicle fell from the roof of the porch, striking her on the head. She was knocked senseless and died from the effects of the injury at about midnight. It was a peculiar accident. Mrs. Payson was 60 years old and the wife of a prominent citizen.”  2.26.1909.

so be careful out there.


8 responses to “beware!

  1. Old newspapers and journals are the best. I get to read them for “research.” I love my job.

  2. Ms. Elli Phantom is v. amused. But I will beware. I will be very ware.

  3. Hi —

    I popped over from your sis’ blog — and just finished reading ALL your entries — so funny! Feels like we just had a lovely chat — and I have a few new books to hunt down at my beloved library — thanks! SO nice to meet you!

    p.s. I agree about those vampire books — mindless, but I just couldn’t put ’em down.

  4. Old news stories are the best. They are not all bad news like much of today. I wish someone would share their chicken jelly with me.

  5. Sometimes I really get the urge to be a librarian…I’m going into teaching instead. Luckily i can read about other peoples’ experience! 😀

  6. more todd stories please.

  7. Chicken jelly? CHICKEN JELLY? Gag.

  8. How interesting those news stories are…kinda makes you wonder where we’ve all come as a nation. I haven’t seen entries like that in any newspaper, except maybe the icicle incident. Maybe the world has sped up too much for our own good.


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