k’s big day

it’s 9:40 pm and i am reporting from bed, wearing flannel jammies and yawning so hard my face feels like it’s going to crack in half. today was my first day at my future full-time job. i was up early, to perfect the outfit and do my sun salutes and so on, but it had begun sleeting by the time i left, and snowing rather heavily 10 minutes down the highway. called sister #1 in a panic after seeing several cars in ditches. she gave me a cheering pep talk and i was only a little late.

the morning was all paperwork etc, then setting up the videogames. we walked a few blocks downtown for lunch, (triple decker grilled cheese & tomato! that’s three pieces of bread AND three different kinds of cheese. i am in love.) and then it was time for playing videogames. this library has a core group of about 8 high school students who attend stuff regularly and are enthusiastic about the library in a way i have never before witnessed. they are amazing and already we are so excited about all the fabulous things we can do when i am there full time.

i have heard that there are teens like this but i never met any before. where i currently work, the teen programming that i help with is almost exclusively attended by middle schoolers. this is fine: i have grown fond of them, but when i began focusing on the teen services, i was expecting an older demographic. i feel like i can do a lot more with older teens– less gluing beads to stuff, and they’re not running around blowing frappuccino through their straws at each other.

oh, and i’ll be in an office with big windows. i am sharing it, but it has big windows!


ok. got to rest up for big used bookstore adventure with ms. s tomorrow morning.


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