on thursday

we had videogame freeplay at work. i was supposed to help my esteemed mentor with the program, but she was scheduled to do something else, so i got to take over. i decided to go really crazy and set up the snack table against a different wall. we had a good handful of dudes (only one girl!?), but that was still pretty amazing considering that the date had been changed twice and hadn’t been announced in the newsletter. (newsletter announcements for programs are surprisingly effective, because parents are constantly scanning them for something- anything- to justify scraping their teenage offspring off the mysp@ce and into a library.)

i recruited mr. e to help supervise, which sure came in handy when two dudes tried to start a rumble. “hey…” mr. e cautioned them gently. “don’t do that…” dude #1 still got a wimpy looking punch to dude #2’s arm. we had to separate them: one to super smash melee and the other to guit@r hero.

one of the other dudes, a tiny sixth-grade, offered to teach me to play melee. he was a shockingly good teacher: kept freezing frames to show me the different weapons. later he helped us clean up and told me all about his fears that the world would end as well as his theories about global warming. also his opinion that we would not be getting any snow the next day, even though half the staff was already quaking with fear and discussing possible early closure for friday.

boy was he wrong. there was snow, and lots of it. but we stayed open, drinking hot chocolate at the youth desk and over-helping the two patrons that came in all afternoon.


One response to “on thursday

  1. We had the same scenario here…except there were no videogames or boys predicting no snow…and we really did have no snow. But on the positive side, choir rehearsal was cancelled! But on the minus side, the cleaning of the church boiler room wasn’t. Make a snow angel for me!

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