what is this feeling i’m feeling?

it’s the strange and long-lost feeling of boredom!

beloved and i are both home sick today with sore throats.  i’ve already finished a book, started another book, gotten halfway through that book and cast it aside in disdain, and gotten halfway through a third, much better book. in between that, i took two naps and drank a quart of orange juice mixed with sprite zero. beloved is watching season 7 of the gilmore girls while working on his thesis and gorging on cherry cough drops. nina the cat is in cat heaven. she loves when we stay home all day.

i’ve been the happy recipient of several teen fic ARCs lately, and i think it’s time to share some of the best. i am, however, going to be honest.  it’s my duty, both as an english lit major and a librarian.

i give you…

GEEKTASTIC: Stories from the nerd herd
edited by Holly Black & Cecil Castellucci!

first off- how amazing is that title? i know, right? and second- i read an ARC. the final product may change.
as with any collection of short stories written by several different authors, i had difficulty rating this. the stories celebrate the various lifestyles of teen geek, taking the reader from cons to the rocky horror picture show, with several stops for (sadly unfunny) comics along the way. my reactions to the stories were as varied as the stories themselves.

lowlights included the opening piece, in which a klingon and a jedi fall in lust at a con. which is unfortunate because…its the opening piece, and the idea for the story is what launched the whole anthology. it’s a great idea, but weakly executed. i was so bored with scott westerfeld’s piece that i didn’t even finish it, but i plugged on through the collection because i knew that john green was waiting for me in the second half! and yet…while his story had a handful of my beloved green zingers, i found the effort rather uninspired…dare i say even lackluster?

i know, i know. john green whose very feet i would kiss.

so how did this turn into a four-star review? well, i’ll tell you: david levithan’s story “quiz bowl antichrist” which made me feel so many feelings i nearly wept. garth nix, lisa yee, & m.t. anderson were also highly enjoyable. and KELLY LINK, OH MY GOD, KELLY LINK!!! perfection!! and barry lyga! man, can that guy celebrate geekitude! and wendy mass’ piece about astronomy geeks which put me in raptures! and a solid finish with libba bray!

overall, definitely worth picking up, though i suggest skimming and skipping in tune to your personal tastes.

random note: i’m also pretty sure that james kennedy ought to have participated in this somehow. that’s a compliment, james.

rating: four stars!

i was going to add a photo of the cover but it has been so long since i’ve blogged that i can’t figure out how. plus, i’m bored again and i’d better publish this before i wander off and lose it to our fickle internets.


one of my favorite time-wasters…

is this website, which my friend anna told me about.

of special interest is this post, from a library in michigan–


it’s probably not our library, but exchanges like this are common in this wonderful line of work. and frankly, i love it.

teen suggestion box 1.7.09

two brilliant ones when i checked today:

“porn please.”

“edward cullens is HOT.”

i am actually considering discontinuing the teen anonymous suggestion box.  i never get any good suggestions. but it does crack me up.

o hai…again…

i don’t really make new years’ resolutions, but it’s kind of hard to ignore that fresh-starty feeling of january. as my friends join weight watchers and clean out their file cabinets, i’m inspired to do a few things differently myself.

namely, floss my teeth (i have a dentist appointment at the end of the month) and resurrect the blog. maybe?

it helps that we changed internet service providers. now our internet service provider actually provides internet service. also, i’ve had time to adjust to my new post-grad busy life: working full time and raising an extremely moody kitty cat. things don’t seem quite as hectic.

SO: shall we begin again? hi! i’m kricket. i am a happy teen services librarian living with a cute architect and an extremely moody kitty cat. i read lots of books and sometimes make borderline wearable crafty things. i am looking forward to the printz award announcements and i have frequent nostalgia attacks.

stay tuned.


i am just here to say that i am going to start blogging again soon. i don’t know when. but soon.


teen suggestion box

when i was hired for this job, i was assigned to collect graphic novels (teen & adult), video games, and anime. i recently took over teen fiction and teen non-fiction. (yay!)

in the teen fiction section, there is a suggestion box. today i went to empty it out for the first time.

my favorite suggestion:


my other favorite:

“you should get some jonas brothers book marks!”

blogger’s block

things are calming down after the rush of new city/new home/new job/new kitty cat, so i’m trying to blog again. i make no promises since we still have comcast (we’re going to cancel after the summer olympics and see if we can find some internets that don’t poop out every 5 seconds).

i’m self-absorbed, so i’m going to start out with one of these meme thangs.

What were you doing five years ago?

hooooo boy. summer after my sophomore year of college, i was back home with my parents, dating an extremely hairy boy, and working as a sushi waitress with my best friend pixi. my work uniform consisted of polka dot warrior headband, hairnet, kimono, white capri pants, and white slip-on sandals from walmart. pixi and i were also night custodians for her father’s company, which was hilarious. and gross.

What are five things on your to-do list for today (not in any particular order)?

  • walk down to the pharmacy and get some soda.
  • go visit rae, mr. rae, and little e.
  • clean out cat box.
  • read book on front porch.
  • convince beloved to go car shopping

What are five snacks you enjoy?

  • whole grain pop-tarts
  • yogurt smoothies
  • chocolate soy milk
  • cheez doodles
  • greek yogurt with honey

What five things would you do if you were a billionaire?

  • pay off student loans for myself and beloved (one practical thing)
  • spend a summer in crete lying on the beach and eating yogurt
  • spend the fall in athens writing a book and drinking wine
  • buy a condo in downtown seattle
  • shop shop shop for myself, beloved, family and friends.

What are five of your bad habits?

  • hatred of exercise, except for walking and monthly tennis
  • addiction to diet soda. my bones are slowly being replaced by aspartame.
  • always making someone else drive
  • cannot pass used-book store without buying something
  • am anti-social when in the middle of a really good book.

What are five jobs you’ve had?

  • waitress at old folk’s home
  • assembly line at rear-view mirror factory
  • sushi waitress
  • barista
  • librarian!!